How to Paint Vintage & Antique Furniture by Danielle Wrishko

How to Paint Vintage & Antique Furniture

Everything you need to know for refinishing vintage & antique furniture in need of a little extra TLC


Intro 1 - Some reasons to DIY when it comes to painting furniture
1 min
Intro 2 - The Benefits and Versatility of Chalk Paint
1 min
Intro 3 - Why I Sand and Prime my Items
2 mins
Intro 4 - Overview of What You'll see in this Video
1 min
Part 1 - Inspecting Your Furniture
2 mins
Part 2 - Hardware - Removing, Cleaning, and Painting
9 mins
Part 3 - Sanding/Prepping
7 mins
Part 4 - Priming Your Piece
5 mins
Part 5 - How to Make Chalk Paint with BB Frösch
8 mins
Part 6 - Painting
7 mins
Part 7 - Distressing and Blending
11 mins
Part 8 - Sealing Your Painted Piece
11 mins
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Dani Wrishko

I feel like paint is and will always be my super power! Whether it’s on worn down furniture, projects within the home, decor, these items you look at can make you feel worn down energetically just by looking at them. When you find the courage to Just Paint It, it can be so transformative and lift your spirits with excitement and pure joy! 
Simply by changing the color and look, it may transform your whole world as you see it!